16 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

“Coffeeshops” to those in the know, are an integral part of Amsterdam culture and have been since the early 1970s. There are now over 200 coffeeshops in the city, each with its own unique atmosphere and offerings.

While cannabis is the main draw for most visitors, many also offer a selection of coffee, tea, pastries, juice, and light snacks.

There is nothing in the world like a cream tea to go with your sumptuous, special brownie or a strong coffee to accompany a stinky, euphoric smokable.

Amsterdam coffeeshops are different than “coffee shops” in other cities. In addition to serving coffee and tea, they also sell cannabis. Cannabis is legal in the Netherlands, but only for personal use.

This means that you can purchase and consume cannabis in a coffeeshop, but you cannot buy it for purposes of reselling it.

That way leads to prison.

Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam, look no further.

1. Bluebird Coffeeshop

This popular spot is known for its great coffee and friendly staff. Bluebird Coffeeshop is a great place for a first-timer to start their cannabis journey, with a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. With an impressively large selection of weed, edibles, and hash, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes.

The space is relaxed, with plenty of room to sit back and enjoy the surroundings or chat with other visitors at one of the many tables.

2. Bulldog Coffeeshop

Known for being the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam, the Bulldog is now a chain with several locations throughout the city. Simply for its history, it’s one of the best Amsterdam coffeeshops out there.

The Bulldog is located on the edge of Amsterdam’s red light district, which means you’ll have plenty of company if you’re looking for a good time right in a central location.

The menu (as well as the atmosphere) here is best described as “eclectic,” with lots of options for both weed and hash, and even some edibles for those who need to kill their munchies without getting too stoned (or vice versa).

If you want to vape or smoke marijuana in a room full of unfamiliar people and strangers, this place is perfect.

It’s also one of the few coffeeshops in Amsterdam that have games like darts and pool available — but even if you don’t partake, there will likely be other people hanging out who will try to get you involved.

The quality here varies depending on what you’re looking for: weed tends toward mid-range prices while hash can get expensive depending on how much they have left over from previous runs (and whether it’s been sitting around long enough).

Their space cakes are also quite tasty and reasonably priced compared with other shops.

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3. The Original Dampkring Coffeeshop

This is one of Amsterdam’s most famous coffeeshops. It has been around since the 60s, so it’s no surprise that it’s still going strong today. This place is a great stop if you want to enjoy some good weed and get a glimpse into the history of cannabis culture in Amsterdam.

The Original Dampkring Coffeeshop is located at Barndesteeg 6, 1012 WZ Amsterdam on the corner of Oudezijds Voorburgwal and Barndesteeg Street.

There are 2 entrances: one up and one down (which looks like an ordinary door).

You can expect long lines during tourist season but there’s usually no wait during the non-tourist season because there aren’t as many tourists coming through this part of town anyway when compared with other locales such as Leidseplein Square or Red Light District.

4. Amnesia

Amnesia is one of the most famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam, and it’s easy to understand why. Located in the center of town, it’s an easy place to find and has a great atmosphere that feels like home.

The shop itself is small, but it has a cozy vibe that makes you feel comfortable right away. It’s also known for having some excellent weed available at all times – including plenty of things with the name Amnesia.

If you’re looking for something different than just another coffeeshop experience, Amnesia will certainly fit the bill (and then some).

For a side trip, you can join a coffeeshop tour with local food sampling and learn about the history and cannabis culture in Amsterdam.

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5. Abraxas Coffeeshop

Abraxas is a small coffeeshop located in the city center of Amsterdam near Rokin. This is the best coffeeshop for people looking for a volcano vaporizer or for first-timers visiting Amsterdam.

They have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy yourself without being hassled or feeling awkward if it’s your first time there.

Abraxas is one of our favorites because they have an amazing menu that changes daily. They source their products directly from growers and producers around the world, so you can get some unique products that are hard to find anywhere else in Amsterdam.

Plus, their staff is very knowledgeable about what they sell—if you need help choosing something for yourself or as a gift for someone else, they’ll be able to guide you through it!

At Abraxas Amsterdam, you will find yourself surrounded by a fusion of art, music, and high-quality products. This is a space with an interflow atmosphere and a vibrant rhythm in the heart of the Dutch capital.

6. Katsu Coffeeshop

Katsu is a small, but very popular coffeeshop. It’s located on a quiet street in Amsterdam East. This makes Katsu an ideal place to relax and enjoy your smoke, with some of the best cannabis in town.

Katsu is also a great place to buy weed if you’re looking for something new and different from what you’ve tried before. The friendly staff will help you find exactly what you need.

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7. Barney’s Coffeeshop

If you want to find a bar with delicious cocktails, great music, a vibrant atmosphere (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), and a place to enjoy a drink, then Barney’s is the place for you.

The location that you need to visit for drinking alcohol and smoking weed is Barney’s Uptown located near Brouwersgracht just north of Jordaan, which means that it has easy access to some of the best tourist attractions in Amsterdam.

The prices at this coffee shop are also pretty reasonable compared to other coffeeshops in Amsterdam: a gram costs about 12 euros on average.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about their product—they’ll help you choose exactly what kind of high you’d like before recommending any specials or strains that might be available at the moment. They also have an extensive menu featuring drinks made from fresh fruit juices with ice cream on top! Yum!

8. Café Hill Street Blues

If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, Café Hill Street Blues is your place. This grungy canalside coffeeshop & juice bar sprayed from floor to ceiling in colorful graffiti is great for daytime, but avoid it at night unless you are happy with loud music.

If you do feel like having a quick smoke, it’s also one of the best places in Amsterdam to do so—and if you’re into hanging out with some locals rather than tourists, this place is perfect!

The interior looks like something out of an old Western movie (if those movies featured graffiti-covered walls instead of cowboys). Anywhere else this may look out of place; however, here it fits perfectly into the overall vibe of being edgy but relaxed at the same time.

Café Hill Street Blues has become quite popular amongst young people over the years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

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9. Boerejongens Coffeeshop

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Boerejongens Coffeeshop (meaning “farmer boys”) is a good choice for those who have never smoked weed before.

It’s also an excellent place to go if you’re looking for an affordable trip; their menu offers a wide selection of weed and hash at reasonable prices, as well as some tasty snacks to help you get through your high.

This iconic Amsterdam coffeeshop has a nice atmosphere and good location, which makes it easy to find the next time you come back from De Wallen (which is just down the road) or De Pijp.

The staff are friendly and helpful too—they’ll help guide you through finding what kind of smoke will work best for your needs.

If you’re looking for a side trip join Amsterdam’s Smoke & Lounge Boat Tour and Coffee Shops Walking Tour.

10. La Tertulia

La Tertulia is located in the heart of Amsterdam, which makes it a great place for tourists. There are plenty of things to see and do in the area (and nearby). The quality weed is definitely high-grade and you can feel it as soon as you smoke it.

The service at La Tertulia is great—the staff knows their stuff about weed and are very friendly when it comes to helping customers select specific strains for whatever they’re looking for.

Prices are fair at this coffeeshop; they aren’t too high or too low, but not exactly cheap either. The atmosphere here is chill, relaxed, fun, and inviting.

Chill music plays constantly throughout most days in a light environment. You can’t miss it by finding the beautiful Van Gogh mural painting outside the shop.

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11. Coffeeshop Smokey

Located a short walk from Museum Square and located in Rembrandtplein, Coffeeshop Smokey is one of Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops for those looking for a great selection of weed and hash.

This Amsterdam coffeeshop has great outdoor seating right in the middle of the square if you are looking to people-watch and get some fresh air.

While most shops carry only one or two strains at any given time, Smokey has a wide variety of Sativas, Indicas, hybrids, and more on display in its glass cases.

When it comes to concentrates like wax, shatter, and oil (also known as “dabs”), you’ll find plenty of options too—and if you’re new to dabbing (a method that involves heating up butane-laced wax into vapor).

This is one place where you can feel comfortable asking staff questions about dosing and temperature control.

If your tastes run toward edibles instead of smoking your cannabis products directly out of a pipe or bong or blunt wrap, then don’t worry.

They’ve got all kinds here—from chocolate bars with THC acids baked right into gummies containing CBD oils with just enough THC molecules added to make them legal under Dutch law without getting anyone high.

12. Paradox

If you’re into food and drink as much as weed, Paradox is a great place to visit. It’s one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam for a casual meal or drink. They have food options that are both healthy and indulgent, with tasty pastries and sandwiches on offer.

They also serve beer and wine, making it easy to pair your dish with a refreshing glass of vino, which will help take away some of the high from your next cannabis purchase.

Paradox is small but cozy so don’t expect too much space inside—you’ll be lucky if there are any seats left when you arrive at this popular hotspot! If they do happen to have an open table, then sit back and enjoy one of their delicious meals while listening to music or watching TV.

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13. Coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje

Het Ballonnetje is a small shop that belongs to a very friendly owner, selling the best strains for a fair price.

It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy some weed, eat some sweet treats (like their famous brownies), or drink some fresh orange juice.

There’s also a small terrace outside where you can sit down with your friends and enjoy the sun on your face—or hide from it if it’s rainy or cold outside.

14. Easy Times Coffeeshop (Editor’s choice for first-timers)

Located near the city center and close to the red light district, Easy Times Coffeeshop Amsterdam is great for first-timers. This spot has great service and a good selection of weed, hash, edibles, pre-rolled joints, and drinks.

The smoking accessories include vaporizers ranging from portable to desktop models, e-cigarettes, pipes, bongs, grinders, scales, and more useful paraphernalia.

The music in Easy Times Coffeeshop selection is extensive—from reggae classics to modern dance hits—and there are magazines available if you’d prefer something less auditory (or if you just need a break.)

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15. Green House Centrum

This coffeeshop is located in the heart of Amsterdam and offers a great selection of cannabis strains. Green House Centrum is one of the coolest coffee shops in Amsterdam.

It’s located on Oudezijds Achterburgwal 97 and is open from 9 am to 1 am, and is one of four Green House coffeeshops located throughout the Dutch capital.

The staff are friendly, the weed is great and they play really good music. I recommend you come here if you want to buy some weed or just hang out with some friends and have fun in a friendly atmosphere.

16. Grey Area

This popular Amsterdam coffeeshop is known for its excellent cannabis and good service. It’s also a world famous coffeeshop in Amsterdam that is known to be a staple for many legendary stoners, including Cypress Hill (yes, I personally saw them there), Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and many more.

Other cannabis legends have been there too like Woody Harrelson…and…and…[Editorial Note: time to knock it on the head there, bud]

Grey Area is one of the best places to buy weed in Amsterdam [EN: Attaboy]. It’s located close to the city center, so you can easily walk to it from your hotel after a busy day wandering around the city.

The coffee shop itself has a great atmosphere and friendly staff who are happy to help you find what you need. They also have knowledgeable budtenders who will give you recommendations based on your taste preferences, making them known to have the best weed in the Netherlands.

There’s no need to worry if this place sells out of your favorite strain; they have plenty of other options available.

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Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many great coffee shops in Amsterdam. With all of these great options, you are sure to find the perfect coffee shop for you.

Whether you want a place to relax or one with a lively atmosphere, Amsterdam has got it covered. With so many different coffee shops in one city, you’ll find what you’re looking for in one of these best Amsterdam coffee shops to smoke weed or find an iconic space cake.

Just know your limits, go easy if it’s your first time, and don’t go overboard like some kind of college stereotype!


Is weed legal in Amsterdam, Netherlands?

It’s complicated and the Dutch Government doesn’t seem to have a firm stance on it. In the Netherlands, Cannabis is actually illegal but is decriminalized for personal use. Recreational consumption of the drug is tolerated, and it is available in coffeeshops.

The “personal usage” agreement permits “soft drugs,” such as cannabis and other hallucinogenic mushrooms, according to the law in the Netherlands.

Can tourists still go to Amsterdam coffeeshops?

Yes, tourists can visit coffeeshops in Amsterdam, but every establishment has its own rules and some only allow local people in.

If you are allowed in, this does not mean tourists can consume cannabis at them!

Where once tourists could freely consume nature’s bounty in coffee shops across Dutch cities, the Dutch Government introduced a new toleration rule on 1 January 2013 that states only “residents” of the Netherlands are permitted to visit coffee shops and purchase cannabis there.

Only a “resident” of the Netherlands being someone who lives in a Dutch municipality and is registered there.

What is the oldest coffee shop in Amsterdam?

The oldest coffeeshop in Amsterdam is now The Bulldog, which opened in 1975. Mellow Yellow Coffeeshop, which opened in 1971, was the first coffee shop but has since shut down.

Do coffeeshops in Amsterdam roll the joints for you?

Yes, coffeeshops in Amsterdam will certainly roll the joints for you. Most coffeeshops sell pre-rolled joints as well so you won’t have to worry about rolling your own.

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