Airline Secrets: What Are Married Segments?

A subject which is been coming up far more and additional frequently in the Miles & Details entire world as of late is married segments.

Broadly talking, married segments are two or far more flights among city pairs that airways sell alongside one another as a solitary bundled unit, fairly than as two or far more specific segments. Married segments utilize to the two money and award bookings.

Let’s consider a deeper seem into married segments and how you might experience them when setting up your journeys.

What Are Married Segments?

Several of us have invested numerous hours searching for the excellent itinerary. A baffled look appears on your experience when you see your ideal flight out there as aspect of a multi-flight itinerary – but when you search for the personal section by itself, it magically disappears.

This very likely isn’t an occasion of phantom award space. As an alternative, what you are encountering is a married segment.

There can be any amount of stipulations positioned on how the flights may possibly be sold, frequently buried deep in the fare guidelines.

For married segments, the airline may perhaps point out that a particular flight pairing have to be booked jointly at a distinct price tag, and the flights may not be booked individually for the identical fare.

For award bookings, an airline may well release “Saver” or reduced-charge award seats on married segments, but not on the very same unique segments.

Married segment logic has been used with bigger frequency to award bookings in recent decades. Observe that the loyalty system has no control more than married section logic somewhat, the airline whose tickets are becoming sold decides which segments are married.

Why Do Airways Use Married Segments?

Airlines use married segments strategically to maximize revenue.

By controlling both equally the issuance of regular flyer factors and the flights for which points may be applied, such as married segments, airlines assure that they’re raking in as much cash flow as probable.

Most major airlines have origin and desired destination controls to come to a decision how substantially revenue contribution they’ll get for every single flight. To achieve this, the airline may perhaps determine to marry segments with each other to avert passengers or vacation agents from producing bookings in a way that goes towards the earnings contribution the airline is aiming for.

Airlines use married segments to maximize income.

For case in point, direct flights are pretty much constantly more high priced than connecting flights. A immediate flight from Vancouver to Toronto could possibly be additional costly than a flight from Vancouver to Montreal with a connection in Toronto, regardless of whether in conditions of cash or dynamic award pricing.

Direct extensive-haul flights are relatively quick for airlines to sell. In key towns, such as Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, or Vancouver, there is a reasonable expectation that high quality cabins will provide, even up to the last minute, for business journey.

Airways make a great deal of cash from very last-minute quality cabin bookings

With the chance that a person will pay back money for individuals seats, the airline could not launch as a lot of award seats on the immediate route, particularly at the “Saver” or most affordable stage. By permitting somebody else reserve that very same seat “for free” on an award scheduling, the airline could lose out on profits.

Even so, that similar seat might be supplied on a married phase with a connecting flight at a lower value. 

Let’s take a look at an case in point. Suppose you stay in Toronto and you’d like to fly to Paris. One particular of the possibilities is to fly with Air France utilizing Air France/KLM Traveling Blue.

A look for for your preferred date provides a direct flight concerning Toronto and Paris at a price of 70,000 miles.

Yet another destination you’ve been pining to check out is Sofia, Bulgaria, so you make a decision to look at the availability to there. Apparently, the cost in fact drops to 55,000 miles, even nevertheless you’d be on the specific exact same flight involving Toronto and Paris.

There are a host of examples of married segments, and the only way to find them is to forged a huge lookup internet to many places. Observe that there may possibly be other things, this kind of as dynamic pricing, at engage in much too.

While a lot of airways use married segments, the pursuing list contains some carriers usually known to use the logic with award bookings:

  • Air Canada
  • Air France/KLM
  • Austrian Airways
  • British Airways
  • Brussels Airways
  • Delta
  • Etihad Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airways
  • Swiss
  • Tap Air Portugal
  • United Airlines

Can You Split Up a Married Phase?

In short, the remedy is normally no. Although there are undoubtedly exceptions to the rule, in the extensive vast majority of instances, a married segment itinerary ought to keep on being as at first booked.

You might consider that reserving a married segment and then hacking it up into two items would be a savvy way to get what you want. However, it does not pretty do the job that way.

A single cause that married segments cannot be split up is that airlines can issue penalties to ticketing brokers who don’t stick to their fare principles. These penalties are referred to as “Agency Debit Memos” or “ADMs”.

If an agent break up up a married phase to obtain access to booking classes that are normally unavailable on the particular person routes, the airline could strike back with an ADM.

The true expense of the ADM can change, but an instance might be the difference in fare among the unique married segments and the two people segments, as well as a penalty of $300 for each phase for every passenger.

This arrives out of the agency’s revenue, so it is definitely not in their ideal desire to be breaking any principles. Don’t forget this the upcoming time you’re on the mobile phone with an Aeroplan agent who simply cannot break up up your married phase even with their finest initiatives. 😉

Can Married Segments Be Advantageous?

Normally talking, married segments don’t really work in the consumer’s curiosity. Right after all, owning the very same seat accessible for unique selling prices doesn’t appear to be honest.

However, married segments can perform in your favour if you are originating or arriving in a put that is not an airline’s most important hub. You may possibly be far more very likely to profit from married segments if you will have to choose a connecting flight to get to the place you want to go.

Married segments may well reward those people who vacation to or from more compact markets that normally have to have a connecting flight.

A person apply you may well have heard of is concealed-city ticketing. This is the practice of scheduling flights with no the intention of using each individual phase, in an work to rating a offer.

The similar exercise could be used to married segments. If you’re able to get an award seat on a connecting flight, you could make your mind up to miss the past flight and continue to be in the town to which you required to fly in the initially place.

In the Air France instance over, you could reserve the Toronto–Paris–Sofia itinerary for 55,000 Flying Blue miles and then mysteriously fall ill and overlook your flight in Paris, with the silver lining of preserving by yourself 15,000 miles in comparison to simply booking the Toronto–Paris direct flight.

This does not come devoid of risks, though, and I wouldn’t advocate generating a habit of it.

1 danger is that the airline could revoke your regular flyer miles and/or elite status, if you consistently skirt fare and ticketing policies by strategically lacking flights.

The airline controls who may possibly use loyalty courses, and since tactics like breaking up married segments or skipping segments on intent violates their contract of carriage, it could consequence in you dropping your details and/or standing privileges.

Yet another risk is that in the occasion of irregular functions, the airline is only obligated to get you to your remaining vacation spot. In this regard, you run the chance of not finding to your intended desired destination, which could be fairly significantly absent.

If you skip a phase on a spherical-vacation flight, the relaxation of your scheduling is generally forfeited. So, this style of observe is best reserved for just one-way bookings.

And finally, if you examine a bag that is by way of-checked to your closing spot, you will be without having your bag if you plan on exiting your journey partway by way of. Though you could ask for for your bag to be brief-checked to the intermediate place, there’s no assurance that your wish will be granted.


Married segments are one particular of many finer intricacies of the airline environment. Even though there are some situations wherever they may possibly operate in your favour, that’s normally not heading to be the scenario.

This is legitimate with both cash and award bookings. Unique to award bookings, it may be far more challenging to locate award space on immediate flights, while the same flight may well be out there as aspect of a married section.

If you can’t discover your excellent award flight, consider seeking at places that would require a connecting flight. You may well be shocked each with the award availability in a married segment, as very well as exploring a desired destination you may perhaps not have considered checking out before.

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