Best Destinations for Bloggers in 2022

You are reading this article because you want to find the perfect place to settle down for a while to work on your blog. This means you are:

  • about to start blogging,
  • you recently started your blog, or
  • You are an established blogger.
Agness blogs on the beach in the Maldives. Seems like a dream job, right?

In all of the above cases – even if your experience level is different – your needs are very similar. You need a place:

  • Fast and reliable internet,
  • its relatively cheap (because you can work anywhere, go to a place where you can afford a decent living),
  • There are other bloggers around (so you can network and learn from each other),
  • You don’t have to explain to everyone around you that you’re not unemployed, you don’t need help finding a “real” job, you don’t have unlimited time because you’re not a 9-to-5 job (Sorry for the angry voice – I can’t explain myself enough).

I’ve been traveling and blogging since 2011, and with my blogging partner (Agness), we’ve been to some of the best blogging hotspots, and we’ve heard from our fellow bloggers about other and Upcoming Digital Nomad Destinations in 2019.

Here you will find a list Best places to work on your blog in 2019:

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Surrounded by culture, beauty and other like-minded travelers, Chiang Mai is the most popular destination for digital nomads.It’s a popular hotspot for bloggers for many reasons, but the main draw is that it’s cheap, safe, peaceful, and the locals love it some of the friendliest people You may wish to meet.Spend the day exploring the golden-roofed temples and old city walls, head to the jungle for an unforgettable trek, or just work with all the other bloggers camp at the Maya Mall.

Advantages of blogging in Chiang Mai

  • Very low cost of living (monthly rent $200-$500)
  • good weather (easier to stay optimistic, no need to spend money on winter clothes)
  • Possibly the most concentrated digital nomad in the world
  • Lots of things to do in and around the city
Welcome to Chiang Mai – the most popular destination for digital nomads.

Disadvantages of blogging from Chiang Mai

  • cliché (everyone goes there)
  • You need to apply for a visa every 30 days (you will start a new 30-day visa-free period when you leave the country and return to China)
  • Not a good place for kids as they might miss out on lack of western education standards
  • Very expensive and less advanced emergency/medical services (not as advanced as most western countries)

Mykonos, Greece

With inspiring beaches, peaceful taverns and a lively nightlife, the Cyclades island of Mykonos is the perfect blend of “work hard, play hard”. After a day of writing, reward yourself by renting a private villa with a good Wi-Fi connection, some stunning views and a swimming pool. With its whitewashed buildings, traditional windmills and golden coast, Mykonos is also very Insta-worthy. Makes it the perfect place for any blogger or family vacation.

Mykonos offers the perfect combination of “work hard, play hard”.

Mykanos Advantages of Blogging

  • Beautiful and inspiring landscape
  • fast and reliable internet
  • Greece is part of the European Union (fair and easy visa procedure, legal protection)
  • Good emergency/medical services (free for EU citizens)

Disadvantages of Mykanos Blogging

  • Quite expensive compared to other entries on this list
  • Seasonal pricing (high season causes prices to rise)

Tallinn, Estonia

Did you know that Estonia is one of the most digitized countries in Europe, if not the world?it’s even the first Declaring internet access a human right. Well, that’s one of the main reasons you visit there. Beyond the Estonian take on technology, Tallinn is an exciting city in itself and well worth exploring. Full of history and surrounded by beaches, you’ll never be short of material to write about.

Historical Tallinn.

Advantages of blogging in Tallinn

  • low cost of living
  • Estonia is part of the European Union (fair and easy visa procedures, legal protection)
  • Good emergency/medical services (free for EU citizens)
  • Highly developed digital nomad infrastructure (including very favorable taxes and unprecedented e-Residency in the Digital Nation)
Youtube video

Disadvantages of blogging from Tallinn

  • Very cold winters (I think this is a disadvantage, but you may not think so)

Cape Town, South Africa

As the gateway to many of southern Africa’s most incredible experiences, Cape Town has to make it to the top blogger hotspot list for 2019. With breathtaking views that rival anywhere else, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by Table Mountain sunrises and Boulders Beach sunsets shared with a flock of African penguins. This is an extraordinary city with a culture and way of life that is sure to win you over when you visit.

Table Mountain Sunrise and Boulder Beach Sunset in Cape Town.

Advantages of Cape Town Blogging

  • Relatively low cost of living (except for rent which can get expensive)
  • This is a great base for exploring Africa

Disadvantages of Cape Town Blogging

  • Safety can be an issue in some areas, but don’t let the media scare you

Where else would you recommend working on a blog?

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