DOT relaunches Philippine Tourism Awards

Toneam Outoftown Blog Center ( – The Department of Tourism (DOT) on Monday (Oct. 17) announced the relaunch of the Philippine Tourism Awards (PTA) to stimulate tourism in the country and encourage local government units to use tourism as a means of economic development.

Beautiful sunset in Boracay
Beautiful sunset in Boracay

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Vice President Sarah Duterte, First Lady Lisa Ala, announced by Tourism Secretary Cristina Garcia Frasco at the Philippine Tourism Fusion Reception at the SMX Convention Center Neta Marcos and tourism representatives attended the meeting.

According to Frasco, the PTA aims to develop tourism awareness in the country by recognizing local tourism businesses, local government units and industry individuals who excel in management performance and tourism services. The awards will be organised in partnership with the Tourism Promotion Board (TPB).

“Bringing everyone together tonight, we would like to announce the relaunch of the Philippine Tourism Awards and Tourism Promotion Council. The PTA aims to recognize tourism-related institutions and individuals whose seasoned expertise and commitment have been demonstrated in innovative and creative ways Philippine culture and branding,” said Secretary Frasco.

The Philippine Travel Awards will have 5 main categories: Institutional Awards, Creative Awards, Individual Awards, Destination of the Year Awards and Special Awards. Each has a corresponding subcategory.

Institutional Awards will be awarded to those entities that are considered to be the best performers in their respective fields in terms of expertise, professionalism, and quality of facilities and services. This will include hotels, resorts, restaurants, travel agencies, events, tourism boards, foreign travel agencies and foreign airlines.

The Creativity Award will recognize the professional skills and insight of individuals and entities in marketing, advertising and promotional work, taking into account the creativity, imagination, ingenuity and factual presentation of the project’s message, organization, implementation and effectiveness/project in Achieving customer satisfaction.

Individual awards are given to those who have worked directly or indirectly in the industry and achieved high standards of service and client/client satisfaction.

The Destination of the Year Awards will recognize the contribution of a particular tourism destination to the development and promotion of tourism through the collaborative efforts of the private and local government sectors.

On the other hand, special awards will be awarded to individuals or private organizations that promote the interests of the tourism industry, whose contributions have had a significant positive impact on tourism in the Philippines. This will also include a Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes an individual’s distinguished career as a tourism practitioner in the government or private sector and has made outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of tourism in the Philippines.

“Through the Philippine Tourism Awards, we will also identify best practices in local government units across the country, including provinces, municipalities and municipalities, to further encourage local government units to adopt tourism to stimulate local economies and promote our unique culture and heritage. We Also want to inspire our tourism stakeholders to enhance and maintain the high standard of tourism services we provide to our guests,” added Minister Frasco.

The PTA has ushered in a revival in tourism as the country looks forward to more relaxed travel and health restrictions in the near future.

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