Get Paid €15,000 To Move To A Paradisiacal Italian Island | 2022

If you’ve been trawling the net for your upcoming place but are coming up blank, how about the sunny shores of Sardinia?

With vibrant turquoise waters, candy-coloured buildings, and rugged coastlines hiding solution coves, the Italian island is heavenly in nearly every perception of the phrase.


Nevertheless, the sizeable isle that sits just off the west coast of Italy suffers from one particular difficulty — a dwindling populace. When a flourishing hub of locals, Sardinia’s younger residents have still left the island in look for of better jobs.

This indicates that slowly but surely but certainly, the island’s inhabitants are dying out. This is why the Italian authorities has pulled some strings to present this new incentive, in the hopes of engaging youthful folk in from abroad.

In purchase to qualify for the €15,000 grant, you will have to be willing to go to a Sardinian municipality with significantly less than 3,000 people, in buy to raise the financial state in tiny cities.

Also, the income need to be utilised to either purchase or renovate a house on the island, and can not exceed 50% of the cost of either. 

Ultimately, you must sign up as a Sardinian resident inside 18 months of receiving your lump sum.

This transfer may possibly not be appropriate for electronic nomads with itchy ft, wanting to state hop each handful of months, as you will have to reside in your home whole time.

Nevertheless, individuals hunting for a permanently residence in the solar, surrounded by “la dolce vita” (the sweet lifetime) may well bounce at this option.

The authorities has pumped €38 million euros into this scheme and will difficulty up to 3,000 grants.

When talking of the new incentive, Sardinian President Christian Solinas explained: “Thanks to these contributions to (homebuyers’) very first houses, (Sardinia) will become fertile ground for those people who will shift there or choose to establish a family members.”

“There can be no progress with out a real improvement of the territories, of the inside and most deprived areas, which must go by means of new guidelines for their repopulation.

“We have developed the circumstances for younger people to come to a decision to stay and create the economic fabric of the most fragile territories.”

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