Here’s why telling authentic Indigenous stories matters

Right now is the global celebration of the world’s Indigenous peoples! And this year’s topic is centred on Indigenous women. Females in Indigenous communities have a exclusive energy to maintain and transmit traditional information and stories via the generations. But they are widely below-represented. 

As the official web page suggests, “Indigenous women are the spine of indigenous peoples’ communities and play a vital function in the preservation and transmission of traditional ancestral awareness. The truth, on the other hand, remains that Indigenous gals are extensively underneath-represented, and are far too regularly the victims of numerous expressions of discrimination.”

Well, we assume tourism has a responsibility to consider and handle this imbalance. That is why, when we stop by Jasper, Canada, Contiki travellers get to meet up with Matricia Bauer, a Warrior Female of the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, to hear her impressive story.

We a short while ago teamed up with Vacation Alberta to speak to Matricia about the relevance of information transfer in just her society, and why telling authentic Indigenous tales to a broader audience issues now, far more than at any time. Here’s what we learned…

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