How to Use a Climbing Tree Stand

A climbing tree stand is a piece of equipment that is applied to give an elevated posture on a tree to offer simplicity of movement. Tree stands are primarily applied by arborists and hunters.

Climbing tree stands are a useful tool for climbing up a tree more efficiently and safely
Climbing tree stands are a practical software for climbing up a tree much more competently and properly

But when searching period is more than, hen watchers and wildlife photographers just take up the use of these tree stands also.

If you are an avid wildlife adventurer or hunter then climbing tree stands may possibly be an crucial instrument to have in your possession. You would be in a position to climb trees simpler and relaxation comfortably.

And if you are searching, it gives you a improved vantage position to hunt sport much more competently. Moreover it is uncomplicated to shift about with as it can be carried on your again like a backpack.

Now just before likely out to buy your climbing tree stand, you must discover how to thoroughly use one. Each individual model arrives with its different modes of use from its respective suppliers, so you need to review the user’s guide diligently.

Below is a action-by-step information on how to use a climbing tree stand for rookies.

Pointers On How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand

Opt for the Ideal Climbing Tree Stand

1st things 1st, acquire the climbing tree stand. When purchasing a tree stand there is just one essential factor to take into consideration, and that is your body weight. You will have to make certain to go for the tree stand with a increased bodyweight limit than yours. This is for basic safety causes and to also make certain relieve of climbing.

Examine Your Stand for Damages

This really should be procuring 101 – constantly check the item or product for damages. This very same rule applies to your recently obtained tree stand. Look at if the bolts and screws are complete and absolutely free of rust or dents.

And if you have difficulties assembling your tree stand, pack it up and return it to the position of obtain for a refund or an trade.

Decide the Ideal Tree

So you have gotten your climbing tree stand, thoroughly assembled it, and are out in the forest to give it a take a look at push. Not just however. There are continue to recommendations for you to abide by just before you can ascend a tree. And 1 of these suggestions is choosing the correct tree for your climbing.

be careful in choosing which tree to climb
Be careful in picking out which tree to climb as a fall can guide to really serious accidents

The most important point right here is to verify its width from its base to the prime. If the tree does not get slim in the direction of the prime then it is a great option for climbing.

This may well demonstrate tough although, you may perhaps most likely not come across this “ideal” tree in your place. So you must be well prepared to alter your climbing tree stand at the base to match that perfect top for you.

Some examples of good strong trees to climb are maple, poplar and oak trees. These trees are usually straight and have barks better up in the tree. They’re the ideal healthy for climbing.

Right before scaling up you should get be aware of branches to noticed off so they do not get in your way through the climb. You should really notice that the average bodyweight a climbing tree stand can hold is 300 lbs. 

Examine the Tree Stand Handbook very carefully

Each tree stand is made up of 3 standard elements: the seat, platform, and ways. But these tree stands are also designed in another way from the other folks.

So you need to make sure to adequately know and understand the 1 you obtain. The assembly of every single portion/ piece and how to use it safely and securely are the primary items value noting down.

Adequately Safe Your Climbing Tree Stand

Now that you have picked a tree for climbing, the up coming phase is to properly safe your tree stand for a secure ascent and descent.

Connect the best and bottom components of the tree stand securely to every single other. You can use the bungee cords that appear with a tree stand for this objective. If there is no wire make certain to obtain some just before your climb

YouTube video

You can check out this movie for a tutorial on how to appropriately realize this.

Safe Yourself and Feet To the Tree Stand

Your tree stand is protected and protected. Now it is time to make confident YOU are safe and sound and protected. You must properly secure your self to the tree ahead of climbing.

The finest and most secure way to do this is by way of the use of a entire-overall body tree climbing harness and a tether. All you have to do is tie the tree previously mentioned your head and safe your harness to it.

Getting a safety harness is one particular of the most significant issues to have if you want to climb. You may well order one here to keep away from falling.

And to even more keep away from falling, you need to make confident the two toes are securely tied to the base system of your tree stand. This will avert your ft from slipping and falling and it will also aid in your climb. You want to use your ft to pull the bottom system up as you ascend bigger up the tree.

The Climb Commences!

If you have followed every single stage so far you are now all set to properly start out your climb up the tree with your tree stand. In the course of action of climbing, you are cost-free to loosen the tether higher than your head to move up as you go on forward.

Test the durability of branches before actually climbing them
Take a look at the toughness of branches right before in fact climbing them if feasible, and simplicity your thoughts

And you must often remember to hold your self properly secured to the tree prior to you start off the climb until just after you are down on the ground.

Safety Strategies Though in the Tree Stand

A tree stand may perhaps establish unsafe or even lethal if not applied properly. So security when utilizing tree stands is an crucial aspect.

Normally make certain to analyze and abide by the manufacturer’s person manual to assemble and disassemble the tree stand. Accidents and bodily damage are avoided if all rules mentioned in the handbook are followed properly.

Normally continue to keep your total entire body harness and continue to keep each ft securely hooked up to the platform as nicely. You must also prepare by yourself on how to preserve your system warm even though up in the tree. You can accomplish this by acquiring the correct clothes like heated socks and warm boots for your toes.


There you have it! The step-by-stage treatment on how to properly and the right way set up and use a climbing tree stand.

Realizing these rules is encouraged specially to newcomers in tree climbing. If guidelines and guidance are not adopted then there could be accidents and bodily damage as a end result.

Make sure to acquire and use all the appropriate gears and tools beforehand to assure a hitch-absolutely free climb.

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