RBC Ion and Ion+ Visa: New Entry-Level Avion Credit Cards

RBC is launching two model-new credit cards: the RBC Ion and RBC Ion+ Visa playing cards, as replacements for the RBC Benefits+ Visa and Signature RBC Reward Visa, respectively.

Let us go by means of the new choices, and how a refreshed variant of these two entry-stage playing cards could make its way into your wallet.

RBC Ion Visa

The RBC Ion Visa is RBC’s new merchandise exactly where the Benefits+ used to be, and earns the new Avion Benefits points. Note that although these have the same name as the extra top quality RBC Avion Visa Infinite and RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege playing cards, this earns Avion Premium relatively than Avion Elite details (more aspects beneath on implications).

The RBC Ion Visa has no yearly charge and as a welcome reward for new cardmembers, you can make 6,000 Avion details upon acceptance delivered you use before November 30, 2022.

On every day investing, you’ll gain rewards as follows:

  • 1.5 Avion factors for just about every $1 put in on groceries, fuel, rideshare, each day public transit, electric car or truck charging, streaming, electronic gaming, and electronic subscriptions

  • 1 Avion place for every $1 invested on all other buys

This no-annual credit card is clearly qualified for relaxed travellers who shell out a honest sum on rideshares, transit, streaming, and movie video games. It is the only card to target spending in these categories, and will probable enchantment to young millennials and Gen Z who want to gain adaptable journey benefits.

Noticeably, this welcome reward is not only practically twice as significant but also appreciably less complicated to generate as it is not broken up into 7 chunks. 6,000 points is an superb bonus on a no-yearly rate credit history card and can be redeemed by way of the Avion Rewards portal. This also brings the welcome bonus much more in line to other entry-stage in-residence-rewards-earning cards, such as the CIBC Aventura Visa Card and the TD Benefits Visa Card, with slight variations on which merchant classes receive at bonus prices.

Insurance coverage choices are primary, which is completely expected on entry-stage cards these kinds of as this RBC Ion Visa.

RBC Ion+ Visa

The RBC Ion+ Visa is RBC’s new product or service to change the Signature RBC Visa Card, and also earns the new Avion Benefits factors.

The RBC Ion+ Visa has a new regular monthly price of $4, and the signup bonus is 12,000 Avion points on acceptance if you implement prior to November 30, 2022.

You are going to receive the subsequent rewards on each day shelling out:

  • 3 Avion points for every $1 expended on grocery, dining, food stuff shipping and delivery, fuel, every day transit, rideshares,  streaming, electronic gaming and electronic subscriptions

  • 1 Avion issue for each and every $1 put in on all other buys

Noticeably, the elevated earnings types are in the vicinity of identical to the lower-tier RBC Ion Visa, but this Ion+ comes with a monthly $4 cost to offset that. The added elevated earnings groups on the Ion+ incorporate dining and foodstuff supply.

Month-to-month fees rather than once-a-year expenses are a pattern we’re looking at across the better credit history card network across Canada, and the explanations are evident: it seems decreased at initial look, and it’s straightforward to have an understanding of for the younger era who are quite familiar with monthly membership products.

Concerning the RBC Ion Visa and the RBC Ion+ Visa, you are going to want to pick the Ion+ if you expend at the very least $134 a month on groceries, eating, food shipping and delivery, fuel, transportation, streaming, digital gaming, and digital subscriptions, considering that that’s the crack-even stage on the $4 regular monthly fee.

The 12,000 Avion point welcome reward is also easily attained by just being authorized for the card, and can be redeemed applying the Avion Benefits portal.

For the tiny every month price, there is also basic insurance policies coverage which includes mobile system insurance, buy protection, and prolonged guarantee.

How to Use Avion Details from the RBC Ion Playing cards

While the RBC Ion and Ion+ Visas earns the exact same Avion details as the greater-tier RBC credit history cards, these details just can’t be transferred to RBC’s airline companions – most of the time (technically, Ion and Ion+ gain Avion Premium whilst the Avion Visa Infinite and Avion Visa Infinite Privilege gain Avion Elite details).

The exception is WestJet Benefits, where by Ion-attained Avion factors can be transferred at a 1:1 ratio (1 Avion position = $.01 in WestJet Dollars).

Also, Ion cardholders cannot redeem factors through the Air Travel Redemption Timetable, which allows you use Avion details to e-book round-excursion economic climate class tickets departing from Canada, up to a selected greatest ticket price.

As an alternative, you are constrained to using your factors at a flat level of .58 cents for every stage (cpp) for journey booked by way of the Avion Benefits centre, which is a great deal weaker than the 1cpp redemption charge that you get from keeping a greater-tier Avion card.

Thankfully, if you also keep, say, an RBC Avion Visa Infinite, you can transfer Avion points at a 1:1 ratio in between your different Avion cards, so the weaker points you earn from the Ion playing cards can continue to be transformed into extra powerful Avion cards also. 

What’s much more, if you ever determine to improve your Ion card to one of the RBC Avion playing cards, any factors you have collected will be upgraded as nicely. Then, you will have the ability to obtain bigger-worth travel redemptions that are distinctive to Avion cardholders: repeated flyer companions, the Air Travel Redemption Program, and the potential to redeem factors directly in opposition to vacation at 1cpp.

Your details never ever expire for as extensive as you’re a cardholder. If you cancel or change to a different RBC product or service, you have 90 days to redeem your factors ahead of they go away.

The RBC Credit Card Portfolio

Lengthy-term, as playing cards with no or lower annual service fees, the RBC Ion and Ion+ Visa cards would be superior downgrade possibilities if you are wondering about cancelling your RBC Avion Visa Infinite or RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege but want to continue to keep your points alive or protect an aged credit history account.

Nevertheless, possibly of the better-tier playing cards would be the best choice for a new signup if you qualify for them, with more substantial welcome bonuses and travel coverage added benefits.

Just after that, you can reevaluate the price proposition in the 2nd 12 months, and take into consideration switching to both of the Ion solutions based on your month-to-month expending on groceries, gas, every day transit, rideshare, streaming, electronic gaming, and digital subscriptions.


The RBC Ion Visa and RBC Ion+ Visa cards are welcome new goods to substitute the preceding RBC Benefits+ Visa and Signature RBC Rewards Visa cards, which experienced begun to improve a little bit stale.

These two new cards are ground breaking and refreshing, proven in significant variations to their elevated class earnings, new every month price structure on the Ion+, and at any time so slight variations to their travel insurance policies. The concentrate on viewers is undeniably mass current market, skewing toward millennials, Gen Z, and other young folks who have a tendency to spend on streaming, electronic gaming, and digital subscriptions.

In this way, the Ion and Ion+ not only fills a handy supporting job to larger RBC Avion community, but also stand out on their very own as special product offerings to maintain very long-term.

The welcome reward choices are solid across the board, and you can enhance each the new playing cards to a a lot more top quality Avion Rewards card at any time you would like to just take advantage of RBC Avion’s outstanding transfer associates.

Refer to RBC website page for up to date provide conditions and ailments.

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