Top 10 Music Festivals in Leeds To Experience Before You Die

Find some amazing music festivals in Leeds in 2022-2023? Look no further because I have compiled this list to help those of you who are addicted to the holidays. Leeds is the main multicultural centre of the North of England, located in West Yorkshire. Leeds meets epic travel experience.

The locals are friendly northerners who love to drink and chat, football is a religion and you can easily drop some serious coins thanks to the vast shopping and food scene. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, there are constant deals, and the beer is always flowing somewhere. Another thing Loiners (people from Leeds, really) know what to do? Put on the festival experience and compete with everyone else.

Here are my top 10 Leeds festivals to hear music while soaking up the atmosphere of this northern metropolis.

1) Leeds Festival

Leeds Festival

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when: August 25-27, 2023

Where: Bram Park

“The Leeds Festival is one of the most famous rock festivals in the UK. Brothers at Reading Festival, the Northern Twins were established in 1999 and have since hosted some of the biggest names in rock and indie music such as Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Oasis and Foo Fighters.

Now, though, the festival has embraced other genres and welcomed grime and hip-hop, house and techno, jungle and drum and bass artists from around the world. But it’s not just music in Leeds, the festival also includes a range of comedies, as well as film screenings and more. “

This is easily the biggest and best music festival in Leeds and I personally can’t wait to see it one day! Have you been here before? What do you think! ?

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2) Live in Leeds

music festivals in leeds

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when: May 27, 2023

Where: Various locations

“Live At Leeds is a cosmopolitan music festival held every year on the first Bank Holiday weekend in May at various venues in Leeds. The spirit has always been to celebrate the best of upcoming local bands as well as more established national bands. Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran, The Maccabees, Hurts, Alt J and Jake Bugg have graced our stage for the past seven years!”

3) Let’s rock Leeds!

Leeds Festival

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when: June 17, 2023

Where: Temple Newsom

“With a fantastic lineup of artists bringing you the best of the ’80s, and an action-packed day full of ’80s madness, there’s plenty for everyone at this family-friendly festival!

Let’s party! Since 2009, we’ve been leading the charge for premium, family-friendly ’80s music festivals. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a retro look with the best of the 80s! “

4) Slam Dunk Music Festival

music festivals in leeds

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when: May 27-28, 2023

Where: Temple Newsam Park and Hatfield Field (2-day event)

“Slam Dunk started out as a pop-punk club night at The Cockpit in Leeds in the early ’00s. Following the success of the club night, Slam Dunk began recruiting international touring artists from genres such as Fallout Boy, Paramore and Panic! Disco in Leeds before developing Slam Dunk.

The Slam Dunk Festival is now the UK’s number one pop punk, rock and alternative music festival, spanning three locations, with over 45,000 attendees in 2018. “

5) Otley Folk Festival

Leeds Festival 2019

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when: September

Where: Otley (various locations)

“This year Otley hosted its 27th Folklore Festival with a series of concerts at Dark Horse, Courthouse, Parish Church and Methodist Hall. Combined with the input of our excellent bar and fantastic lineup of artists, we can guarantee another super A weekend of music, laughter and joy.”

6) Mint Festival

Leeds Festival 2019

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when: September 23, 2023

Where: RAF Chapel Fenton

“MiNT Festival brings the best of electronic music to Leeds’ September Day Party, taking over the RAF Church Fenton at Leeds East Airport for the first time.

The new venue brings a whole new production scene, meaning festival goers can look forward to a stage inside an aircraft hangar, a container arena, Arcadia’s legendary After Burner and the world’s largest disco ball. “

7) Curse Festival

Leeds Festival 2019

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when: November 5, 2022

Where: Leeds University Alliance

“The Damned Festival is a one-day heavy metal festival currently held annually at the University of Leeds in Leeds, UK. Although the first weekend of November traditionally hosts parties and celebrations in honour of Guy Fawkes blowing up the Houses of Parliament A failed attempt, but for those in the know, the real fireworks will be found at Damnation Festival in Leeds.

Presented in four stages at the University of Leeds Students’ Union, Damnation is an event not to be missed, and this year’s lineup of nearly 30 bands is again the draw. “

8) Leeds Fake Festival

Leeds Festival

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when: July 2023

Where: Roundhay Park

“Leeds – The Fake Festival at Roundhay Park is back. It’s a great festival with a great setting and a great atmosphere. This year we’re bringing 6 of our best ‘fake bands’ backed up by your most beautiful singing voices A classic national anthem for a party atmosphere you can’t miss. Join our famous giant tent and book now!”

9) Black Music Festival

Leeds Festival

when: August 2023

Where: Port Newton Park

“Black Music Festival (formerly known as Leeds Reggae Concert), is the largest free open-air reggae concert in Europe. The annual Leeds Reggae Concert started in 1985 to celebrate the annual Leeds West India Carnival ( It has been held since the 1960s).

In 2015, after presenting 30 years of the best international reggae acts, (later incorporating other genres like R&B and hip-hop), the concert has now grown into a black festival. “

10) Golden Voice

Leeds Festival 2019

when: May 2023

Where: Brudenell Social Club

A festival dedicated to shoegaze, punk, psycho, noise and grunge.

“Two weeks ago, more than a thousand music lovers squeezed through the doors of Brudnell to experience the wonders of the 2018 Golden Sound Festival. Highlights include some really good sheep impressions from a fascinating life, politics from a strange bone Statement (balaclava and all!) Saturday night, Phoebe Bridgers brought a moment of tranquility and it all ended perfectly. The weather was fine, accompanied by various independent food carts outside Brudenelle, the atmosphere Full of beer and laughter. Not only because of the incredible squad this year, but there’s no denying that Leeds are finally seeing some sunshine.”

Thanks for reading about the best music festivals in Leeds!

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