Travel to Cape Verde – Episode 817

Travel to Cape Verde (Podcast)

Hear about journey to Cape Verde as the Novice Traveler talks to Paulina from about this island country off the coast of Africa.

Paulina says, “There’s really a bunch of arguments why you must take a look at Cape Verde. In total, there are 10 islands, and each and every island is a minor universe, if not to say a paradise on its individual, simply because each and every island is very diverse from every other. So if you are far more of a hiker, an out of doors lover, there are islands that have spectacular hiking trails.”

“If you are more of the all-inclusive form of traveler, you prefer to stay at the hotel and not go from your sunlight lounge, there is an island for that as properly. If you desire offbeat and silent and have no wifi link at all, there is an island for that as properly. If you’re far more into town, lifestyle, and lifestyle, there are two islands for that as very well.”

“You can definitely pick an island as a destination, dependent on what you like to do on a getaway. That’s also the purpose why many persons keep coming back to Cape Verde since each and every island of the 10 islands is so diverse.”

Paulina lays out a 7-10 day itinerary that visits the southern islands. She starts off us in Praia on the island of Santiago. she indicates going to its audio clubs and the Tarrafel concentration camp and carrying out a tour of the island.

We head from there to São Filipe on the island of Fogo. The island of Fogo has an active volcano, and traveling to the volcano is a need to. Although you are there, go to the only vineyard in the place.

The 3rd island we visit is the environmentally friendly island of Brava with its funds of Nova Sintra which is in the island’s inside. It was moved from the coastline back in the days when pirates roamed the area. 

The remaining island we take a look at is Maio. Maio has wonderful beaches, but… at the very least for now… does not have big global brand name resorts. Paulina was secluded on Maio when the country closed down vacation all through Covid and even closed travel among islands.

Master why Paulina has fallen in love with these remote islands and why you might as nicely.


The people at Tripsharer have established a sample Cape Verde itinerary based on this episode, such as routines and pics. So go verify that out employing the hyperlink in this episode’s clearly show notes, And if you like what you see, reward ‘em by putting up about your beloved holiday vacation.

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Show Notes

Paulina on the Highway
Cape Verde Vacation
Rabelados village
Tarrafal concentration camp
Fogo, Cape Verde
São Filipe, Cape Verde
Fogo Tours
Chã das Caldeiras
Vinha Maria Chaves (winery)
Brava, Cape Verde
Nova Sintra
Brava Island Tours
Maio, Cape Verde
Cape Verdean delicacies
Maio excursions
Porto Inglês
Bar Tropikal, Maio
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Travel to Cape Verde (Podcast) | Places to see in Cape Verde #cape-verde #africa #places #travel #itinerary #vacation #trip #holiday

Travel to Cape Verde (Podcast) | Places to see in Cape Verde #cape-verde #africa #places #travel #itinerary #vacation #trip #holiday Travel to Cape Verde (Podcast) | Places to see in Cape Verde #cape-verde #africa #places #travel #itinerary #vacation #trip #holiday

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